10 Cheap ‘Tricks’ To Make Your Smaller Space Look Bigger!

Nov 28, 2018
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10 Cheap ‘Tricks’ To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger


Sometimes, space is probably the deal-breaker when you’re looking to purchase a home. Although at these times it might seem like asking “what is FHR” is more important, the question prospective homeowners always ask first is “how many square-feet does this unit have?”. It’s not, however, the end of the world if you end up with a unit that is lacking in square footage. Here are some cheap tricks that will show you that living in a small space does not mean that you have to downsize your life.


Tricks #1- Use Multi-tasking furniture



Furniture with dual- or multiple-use is your savior in tight spaces, as they increase the function of each space. This, however, does not mean that your furniture needs to play many personas. You don’t have to have a sofa that turns into a bed. Sometimes, it’s the easy things that help make the most out of your space. For example, a large ottoman coffee table with inner storage is a good idea and a convenient spot to stow things that are usually laying around aimlessly on the living room floor.


Trick #2- Use the sense

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Making you space look larger often involves something as simple as tricking the eye. Learn to take advantage of visual design and decor tricks to fool your eyes into perceiving more space. For example, vertical pinstripes make you look longer and horizontal pinstripes make you look wider. A long, striped floor will make it look like your room goes on for miles. An oversized mirror can also give the visual perception of greater. And the newest take on cheating the eye? See-through furniture! A trio of lucite or acrylic nesting tables (or even one made of glass) will certainly fool the eyes and provide endless space without adding visual clutter.


Tricks #3- Clear out clutter

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Physically, clearing out clutter is probably the simplest and cheapest trick in the book. When you have less stuff occupying your space, ergo you will have more available space! Fret not, this does not involve extreme purging of all your personal belongings. Just keep the old adage in mind: a place for everything and everything in its place. This will allow you to keep on top of the mess and make sure that everything is tidy and looks clutter-free.


Tricks #4- Make a paint statement

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We’re often told to keep smaller spaces light and bright. In other words, the smaller the space, the lighter the walls. While dark colors do have their merits and they do make a room feel cozy, the wrong choice of dark colors can often give the illusion of less space as they tend to absorb light. Conversely, light colors reflect and multiply light better and is the safer choice for small spaces.


Tricks #5- Edit your collection


Often, less really is more. If you are struggling with space, try to keep the things that you display to a minimum. You simply cannot display everything you own. Not only does this add to the visual clutter, it detracts from the impact of each piece you do display. Instead, curate a small collection of things that you treasure most and allow them adequate space to shine. Ensuring each individual piece is not lost among the masses will allow them to be shown to more dramatic effect.


Tricks #6- Create unexpected furniture arrangements


The only rule in decorating small spaces? There is no rule! Allow yourself the mental space to be creative with your furniture arrangements. These is no design police waiting to issue you a ticket. Learn to incorporate more interesting and unexpected furniture arrangements to solve the issue of lack of space. For example, instead of a large sofa, why no use four small armchairs? An unexpected layout can also make your space more useful, allowing you place furniture that otherwise wouldn’t fit in more traditional arrangements.


Tricks #7- Lighten up

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As it goes with color, try going light with other things that occupy expansive surfaces. For example, try-out lighter countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. This helps make surfaces seem wider and more spacious. If you don’t have the budget for such a large revamp, why not try it out with smaller pieces? Light-colored storage boxes allow you to unobtrusively hold clutter and at the same time look inconspicuous.


Tricks #8- Stow accent pieces until you have guests


While accent pieces do add a certain flair to your space, you don’t need them to clutter your space in day-to-day life. For example, side tables can be surfaces that are essential when you’re holding a gathering, but just add to the unneeded clutter of your everyday space. Consider investing in foldaway pieces – imagine tables or chairs – that allow you to enjoy a clutter-free space everyday that can also be unfolded to provide extra surfaces when you’re hosting a party!


Tricks #9- Upgrade your lighting

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Don’t just rely on overhead fixtures for all your lighting needs. They just end up pooling light all in one spot. Try to diversify your lighting options and incorporate several lighting elements in your space. Adequately use task lighting and ambient lighting to draw your eye better around your space to give the illusion of even more space.


Tricks #10- Go up


When you can’t expand in width, take advantage of height! If you have the financial means to splurge, invest in custom built-in storage units that really take advantage of the vertical height of your space. Floor-to-ceiling shelving units help you use your vertical height to its full potential. It also helps you avoid dead space that is usually found on top of cabinets and normal storage units. Custom storage ideas can also help you make the most out of those awkward nooks and crannies (for example, under the stairs). A budget alternative is to install multiple floating shelves going up the wall to really use up the vertical space as effectively as possible.

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